Sudden Dismissal: A Threat to Career and A lose of Goodwill
Shami Walid, HR & Social Compliance Professional, MSPDS.COM
Thursday, March 19, 2015
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Professional Case
Mr. Asif (symbolic name) was working as a Human Resource (HR) executive in a Bangladeshi national book publisher company since 2012. He was the only one HR professional in the company who was responsible to do evrey  HR function by his hand.

In the beginning of the year 2015, because of some uncertain business competition the company failed to maintain their profit, so they decided to retrace some selected 80 of their salesmen to reimburse their loss. The management knew that if they went through the lawful dismissal procedure, they have to pay a lot to their employees. But, one day the top management of the company called Mr. Asif and instructed him to take resign letters from the selected employees by saying them their performance is not good. Though among the 80 employees there were some employees who were working in the company for two years. With a knowledge of Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (Amendment 2013) Mr. Asif understand that to avoid the payment for dismissal the management was playing an interesting role with their employees. Mr. Asif told the management that the selected 80 employees may not be agreed to give resign letters by themselves, but the management threaten him by saying that Mr. Asif has to manage this otherwise he will be fired. Than Mr. Asif start discussion with the selected 80 employees, but 60% of them was not agreed to give resign, rest 20% means 20 employees who were new gave their resign letters to Mr. Asif. When Mr. Asif came with these 20 employees resign letter to his management than his management told him that why he could not bring majority employees resign letter ? by adding this he can give his resign letter also if he can not manage this. Mr. Asif thought that though the company's financial situation is not so good, so maybe now or future he may lose his job also. So he gave his resign letter and took necessary payment for his account in the company.

The above incident is common in some formal sectors in Bangladesh. For the fresh graduate or even middle-aged experienced employee this is a threat to their career. On the other hand if these dismissed employee release the news of their dismissal in job market (because social feeds are very strong in current days) than the employers may lose their goodwill.

Suggestion for Employees to Face the Uncertainty
As a fresh or experienced employee one should be prepare from the beginning of his/her job life specially in private sector. To face any uncertainty some suggestions have been outlined below:

  • From the first job, first salary one should maintain some deposit to face any type of financial crisis. e.g: If anyone lose a job, then instantly he/she can manage his/her expenditure by this saving up to getting his new job.
  • To be a professional employee or job seekers one may ask the policy and procedure of the instant retracement, exit procedure, resign from a job to an employer after being selected and during taking the appointment letter.
  • To keep someone updated, to increase one's productivity and to increase the professional knowledge one should attain professional training event, workshop and group discussion. Now a day’s social feed and information side (e.g: www.mspds.com) are important to keep some update about professional development information.
  • You can join professional group, society, and any professional association for your development and new opportunities.
  • Keep yourself active, updated and available in jobsites so that you can manage a new job anytime.
  • At last keep faith in yourself to face any challenge if you loose anything.


Request to the Employers

A good employer must be concern about his/her goodwill in market. To maintain the goodwill from the beginning of a company's operation an employers should maintain well established, lawfull policies and procedures. Even for recruitment, selection, uncertain retracement, dismissal and even for lay off also. Regarding sudden dismissal of employee by employer, the employer should be concern about Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (Amendment 2013), sec. 26 as follows:

''26.Termination of employment by employers other wise than by dismissal, etc. : (i)The
employment of a permanent worker may be terminated by the employer, otherwise,than in the
manner provided else-where in this chapter, by giving to him in writing-
(a) one hundred and twenty days’ notice, if he is a monthly rated worker;
(b) sixty days’ notice, in case of other worker.
(2) The employment of a temporary worker may be terminated by the employer,otherwise than in
the manner provided elsewhere in this chapter, and if it is not due to the completion, cessation,
abolition or discontinuance of the temporary work for which he was appointed,by giving to him in
(a) thirty day’s notice, if he is a monthly rated worker;
(b) fourteen days notice, in case of other worker.
(3) Where an employer intends to terminate the employment of a worker without any notice, he may
do so by paying to the worker, wages in lieu of the notice, which is enquired to be given under subsection
(1) or (2), as the case may be.
(4) Where the employment of a permanent worker is terminated under thissection, he shall be paid
by the employer compensation at the rate of thirty day’s wages for everycompleted year of service
or gratuity, if any, whichever is higher, in addition to any other benefit to which he may be entitled under this Act.''

Now if an employer wants to maintain a goodwill of his company, than a employer should maintain lawful operation to manage his workforce. Otherwise if the people of any employer treated by unlawfull operation by the employer then the employer will definitely lose his/her reputation.

*Note:This news review has been written based on a real situation in Bangladesh on March 2015. MSPDS has tried to give professional suggestions to both employer and employee. If anybody has any disclaimer or any further query, suggestion regarding this news review then he/she can write to us by using the 'Report Us' section of our website www.mspds.com.

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