Professional Knowldge Improvement Service for Administrative Professional by MSPDS.COM
Shami Walid, HR & Social Compliance (QHSE) Professional, MSPDS.COM
Thursday, April 02, 2015
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Among all departments in a company administration (Admin.) is an important one. In Bangladesh the private organizations may have independent admin. department (e.g. Bank, BIMA, Hospital, NGO etc.) or have merge operation with Human Resource Department (e.g. Garments, Textile, Real Estate etc.). Those who perform the administrative activities known as administrative professionals.

All administrative professional should have versatile management skills to perform their daily administrative activities. To manage their administrative activities more smoothly they should have additional professional knoweldge and experience beside their workplace experience.

Now to increase professional knoweldge of administrative professionals MSPDS.COM has plan to publish regular knoweldge sharing base guideline documents, various admin related official template along with HR and Social Compliance implementation guidelines from April 10, 2015.  All administrative material will be published in 'Human Resource Management Guidelines' section. Link: http://mspds.com/CEPView.aspx?Type=4

Existing registered user can download and access all administrative knoweldge documents. Interested new administrative professionals can avail all services by being a paid register member as per membership timeline.

In addition, if any organization is interested to train their administrative professionals, then MSPDS.COm will arrange tailor made capacity building training program for their administrative professionals.

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