Wrong People in Wrong Place: Professional Mismanagement.
Shami Walid, Social Compliance & QHSE Professional, mspds.com
Saturday, April 11, 2015
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A pharmaceutical company published a job advertisement of Deputy Executive/Executive HR & Admin in a Bengali daily newspapers' career page on April 10, 2015. The preferable educational competency for this position was Masters in English, which can raise a question mark in the applicants mind for the position.

In jobs site, printing and electronic career pages it is a professional practice of appointing Human Resource(HR) education background graduates to entry level to top level position of HR & Admin. Having professional training, workshop, certificate course and Post Graduate Diploma course also carry advantages for being selected in a HR& Admin related position.

If we consider the professional aspects of both of the graduates, e.g. Masters in English and Bachelor of Business Administration (major in HR) then we can say that an English Background graduate carries  professional knowledge of very good communication in English both in reading & writing. They prefers professions like Government Service: BCS passed professor, Professor in Public and Private Universities, Lecturer of Colleges, schools specially in English Medium, Proof reader in publishing house, news papers, English Tutor etc. Their vital expertise may not be effective in a corporate office all the time except English proofing. On the other hand a HR background students learns & practices corporate business communication, organizational behavior, writing of business letters,  office memo, notice, meeting minutes, making of organization policy and implementation. These expertise obviously makes a HR graduates eligible in an entry level position even the asked position 'Deputy Executive/Executive HR & Admin'. In addition this type of position creates an actual practice ground for HR graduates. For an English graduates it is easy to find out error in any English communication but it is difficult to find out the error of people management practices and operation, which is more easy for the HR graduates.

We hope that this article will help our respective employers to think and asses their organization manpower planning, Job analysis before appointing right people in right places for a productive future of their organization. In addition it will remove the idea of professional mismanagement in organizations' human management operations.

*Note: MSPDS.COM has professional believe that right practice will grow and individual and organizations productive knowledge. The writing of this type of articles is only to make professional, employers to implement right practices of HR, Social Compliance & QHSE.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015
The employer should rethink about the recruitment.
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