Receiving of Appointment Letter & Giving Acceptance in it: A Safe Entry in a Career
Shami Walid, Social Compliance & QHSE Professional, mspds.com
Sunday, May 10, 2015
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Mr. Kawshik is a textile engineer, he was appointed in a factory situated in Narayangonj, Bangladesh. A same type new company situated in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh contacted with Mr. Kowshik and offered him a job with handsome salary, because they need him for urgent requirement. Though Mr. Kowshik didn’t want to lose the opportunity, so he joined in the new company in a hurry without receiving appointment letter but to received  an mail acceptance and telephonic confirmation by higher management. After one month of joining when the day for salary payment arrived then Mr. Kawshik faced some professional question from the accountant, e.g. when did Mr. Kawshik joined in the company?Who did approved Mr. Kawshik and his salary? Whether there was appropriate approval for his salary payment? Mr. Lawshik again contact with the busy higher management and requested them to provide an appointment letter to solve all ofthese issues.

Like Kawshik there are so many professional who joins in a commercial organization without receiving a joining letter because of urgency or for immediate solve to escape from jobless position. Sometimes the fresh graduates face this same problem. On the other hand an organization sometime make mistake by appointing someone in their company for filling an urgent vacancy to continue their operation which is also a sign of mismanagement of their operation system.


Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (Amendment 2013) has specific section of law regarding providing appointment letter to the employee during their joining in a job, this is as follows:

Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 (amendment 2013). Section 5: No employer shall employ any worker without giving such worker a letter of appointment and every such employed worker shall be provided with an identity card with photograph.


On the other hand to avoid unexpected professional problems like as above mention case study, one should consider the following issues during their joining:

1.It might be one’s life first job, a very good opportunity in an urgent moment,or it is your dream job, but no one should join any job without receiving the appointment letter and giving approval on it.

2.If an employer want to provide the appointment letter later, then it will be wise to join later also.

3.Before giving acceptance signature to the appointment letter, please note that whether the said salary during interview is accurate, probation period assessment and completion procedure, and job retrenchment procedure from both side.


Appointing an employee by giving appointment letter and providing necessary guidelines of management practice during induction training is an example of good management practice. On the other hand an appropriate appointment letter keeps an employee mentally satisfied in his/her career life.

*Note: The above mention case study and necessary suggestions towards employee and employer have been given based on professional expertise. If anybody has any disclaimer regarding the article,then please let us know by below comments.

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