Administrative Job: Bangladeshi Private Organization Based Study
Shami Walid, Social Compliance & QHSE Professional, mspds.com
Monday, May 25, 2015
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Definition & Description

In the context of Bangladeshi private organization an administrative professional is a person who use to manage support to all the daily operational works of an organization’s top to bottom level employees, and the works he/she does known as administrative (admin as local way) job. For e.g. renewal of trade license, vehicle management, paying of monthly electricity bill etc.

Based on organization requirement a graduate/post graduate from any education background can join in administrative job but in some cases human resource management graduates get preferred. An administrative professional has to be specialized in a board array of multi-level areas. The nature of admin job varies on different culture of organization but the below listed jobs are known as administrative job in everywhere:

-  Personnel Secretary.

-  Driver, office peon and security guard management.

-  Letter dispatch and courier service management.

-  Housekeeping management.

-  Maintenance of various register.

-  Occupational Health & Safety Management.

-  Telephone, mobile, internet, newspaper, magazine bill payment.

-  Travel expense payment.

-  Front desk management.

-  Air ticket and VISA management.

-  Various license management.

-  Insurance management.

-  Travel expense payment.

-  Front desk management.

-  Various license management.

-  Insurance management.

-  Occupational accident management.

-  Meeting management.

-  Dispute resolution and disciplinary action procedure management.

Job Market Demand and Salary

While I was writing this article to identify the demand of administrative job, by searching two well known website it has been found that there were 340 different category of administrative jobs are available and the salary range was 10,000 to 120,000 BDT. based on position (entry to top level) and experience.

Necessary Preparedness

If anyone wanted to be an efficient and successful administrative professional in his/her career then obtaining professional training, attending administrative job related workshop, and experience is must required. Though there is no direct education program related with administrative job, but there are some government and private professional development institutes who provide training for administrative professional Interested professional should keep their eyes open in print and electronic media for these training.


mspds.com will publish administrative related articles, career development guidelines for the knowledge development of administrative professional time to time, but by reading these, continuous development for own is always required.


*Note: The article has been written for knowledge development of fresh and experience administrative professional of Bangladeshi private sector only. If you have any comments, future expectation regarding this issue, you can write to the below comments box.

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