Md shamirul Islam
Monday, December 28, 2015
BKMEA lists Category of company A,B and C.What does actually mean by category A ,category B, category C company listed by it?

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer & Exporters Association(BKMEA) has their own website name In their website they havelisted their member factories alphabetically, for example: those factories namestarts with the alphabet A, those have been listed in A, thus they have listedthe rest of their member factory members name in remaining alphabets from A toZ.

Md.shamirul Islam
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Despite the increase of the basic salary, the so-called HR department is not basing the current basic in calculating the housing,medical and other allowances .Rather the previous amount of basic is being used as a standard for calculating the gross salary. Is it lawful in eye of laws in our country for a private limited company?Please name the specific act and section relating to calculation of bonus,allowance for the employees of private limited company in our country.
Despite readymade garments industry's operator & stuff and some other sectors' (e.g. Textile, Leather, wood & furniture, shrimp industry) there is no act and law regarding minimum wage or pay scale has not been published. In present days reputed and well known private limited companies are offering smart pay scale to its employees.
Md.samirul Islam
Thursday, July 30, 2015
Please name some of the HR,Payroll,Attendance management or other HR related software which are being used by company and big multinational in our country.Along with the name,please mention the basic characteristics or use of the named software.
In Bangladeshi idustrial sectors Human Resource Management software has becomed more popular after 2000. The followings HR Mgt. software are well known:



Basic Characteristics

Used by Industry

Attendance, Payroll


Attendance Mgt., Payroll  Mgt., Salary Mgt.

RMG, Textile

Attendance & Leave Management

HR Manager

Web Base, Multi User facility, Single Point Data Entry, Centralized Monitoring

Universities & NGO

HR Management


HR Mgt.: Employee Joining. Confirmation, Promotion, Transfer, Retirement, Salary, Allowance

Government Organization

Beside this sofwares those HR professional are smart in computer application, sometimes they made their own HR management database by using Ms. Excel and Ms. Database for doing day to day HR operation related work.
Milton Kazi
Tuesday, July 07, 2015
How many exit need for how many workers ?

As per Bangladesh national Building Code, Part 4: Fire protection, Chapter 3, Means of Egress, Section 3.14.2, the required exits for manpower are as follows:

Total required widths of exits shallbe calculated as per provisions of the Table 4.3.2 and shall be divided and distributed at adistance not less than one-third of diagonal distance of space and the travel distanceand the width of each exit hall comply with the provisions of this code.The required number of exits in a space as specified below:

Occupant load less than 50            Minimum 1 exit

Occupant load 50 to 500               Minimum 2 exits

Occupant load 501 to 1000           Minimum 3 exits

Occupant load more than 1000     Minimum 4 exits

Wednesday, July 01, 2015
May I know, which training will be beneficial for the future career growth of social compliance career.
Bangladesh institute of Management used to arrange a six month training on Diploma in Social Compliance. This training is helpful for your career growth. Beside this BUFT, SGS, used to provide some social compliance related training. You can check their websites for their training offers.