• Guidelines & Suggestions will prepare online base guidelines in documents to suggest the best practices, knowledge development, way-out, procedure for simplifying the implementation of Social Compliance, Human Resource (HR) Management and QHSE management System practice. Interested Social Compliance, HR and QHSE professional can avail these guidelines by being a paid registered user in

  • Making & Suggesting Professional Template will prepare good practiced professional templates for appropriate documentation for any social, ethical code of conduct practice. Paid registered user can download these templates for practicing in their respective fields.

  • Receive of Professional Problems & Feedback is always ready to receive the field base professional problems from social compliance & QHSE practitioner through its’ ‘Report Us’ online web application (present) or ‘Professional Q&A’ web application (future). Paid Registered (present) and Free registered user (Future) can ask any of their professional problems. will provide priority base professional feedback to them.

  • Knowledge Build up Sharing News Review, Views & Opinion will share news reviews, views & opinion on different industries social compliance practice, HR Operations & QHSE practices, law implementation issues for better understanding and knowledge build up for social compliance & QHSE professional.

  • Research, Consultancy & Capacity Building Training will offer field base research, consultancy & capacity building training to small and medium manufacturing units to grow their knowledge so that they can perform better to achieve their business goal.